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Got the engine by the car and did some measuring today...

What scared me the most was the to adapt it to the Getrag 260. It turns out, M47 front driveshaft has exactly the same hardy joint as the Getrag... A tri-star, 14cm in diameter, 12cm between the bolts.

Also, M50+Getrag are roughly the same lenght - ~130cm, as the D24+M47, measured from the crank pulley to the hardy joint.

However, E34 (that's where the M50 came from) and 960 have the crossmember in different place, so the oil pan might turn out a problem, on M50 it's in the front, on D24 in the back...

Front sway-bar will have to go. Even so, it might not be enough clearence.

First, I'll try to do a trial fit these days. If it won't fit, the E36 M50 oil pan has the bulge in the back. And there's always welding...
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