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Default 66 122 - The car I shouldnt keep but like too much

I dragged home another car.
My first 122. 1966 b18 m40 car. Respray paint but seems to be holding on well and one color for the most part. Car has almost no rust. It sat for 5-8 years depending what story I want to go with from the PO

poured some gas into the carb and it started up on the second try.

so far
I got "new" wheels and tires from Luke
locking gas cap, filler neck seal, wiper blades, radiator cap and rear reflector from HiPerformance Auto
changed oil (delo 15-40) and filter
replaced clutch slave from IPD
adjusted valves and added a cork gasket
I drained the old gas - no rust inside the tank - thankfully

Drove it today for about 3 miles
high on the priority is to replace the exhaust - its all original and I only like the CO2 smell so much inside the cab
one of the steering arm links is bent

someone added a period correct hazard switch - the red lights up when hazards are on

I also picked this up 65 122 from the local yard
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Donít bother, I would literally rather throw them away than give you the pleasure. I will never sell to you.

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