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new cat showed up at my house today... I woke up and she was just chilling next to me...

I decided to clean out the interior a bit today and see the rust damage on the floor boards. It's a lot better then I expected, mostly surface rust with few holes. Should be fun to patch these. (pictures make it look worse then it actually is)

Soaking the parts in Krud-Kutter
Can someone tell me if the plastic parts were polished when new or were they always matt?

before cleaning

took out the crusty floor matt and started to peal off the sound deadening

driver rear - has the worst rust. All the water would trapped under the floor matt and eventually found its way out. Thanks OBAMA

passenger rear

nothing like a wet dog smell, though I bet I just replaced that with wet horse smell. I will be removing the seatbelts and pressure washing them. One of the belts has a '68 date stamped on it, I bet a dog chewed up the original.

Quick pressure washing to remove all the grime before I get in there to remove the rest of the sound deadening

after pressure washing the dog out

Im on the fence about the sound deadening material. The choice is between Lowe's Chepo roofing Peal n Seal
or Dynamat. I have used both before, of course the dynamat is the way to go but expensive.... But Peal-n-Seal would be better then factory or nothing even...
what do you think ?
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Donít bother, I would literally rather throw them away than give you the pleasure. I will never sell to you.

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