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Originally Posted by Redwood Chair View Post
Steel wool or #1000 gold scotch brite will put a fine scratch on it, I'd use metal polish or if it's chromed steel and there's rust poking through I'd rub it ever so gently with a stainless steel pot scrubber.
IDK 0000 works good for me

Originally Posted by Coupid View Post
awesome looking project, congrats!
thank you, you should buy it

Originally Posted by timpanama View Post
Company called FatMat works great!
I already have a bunch of Dynamat and loved it on my 245 but like said both are expensive and PNS is cheap but not as effective - anything is better then no deadening

decided to polish my knobs and repaint the lettering on switch plates


1/2 done

with the lettering you have to cake on the paint, wait for it to dry and rub off the excess

could be better but I'm done with these
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Originally Posted by BritishBrick
Donít bother, I would literally rather throw them away than give you the pleasure. I will never sell to you.

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