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Turbobricks.com stickers are now available to our members. Precision cut from white vinyl with our new logo, the letters come sandwiched between a backing sheet and transfer paper. Perfect for your rear window, bumper, or whatever else you can think of.

Each sticker is roughly 11.5 " x .5 " in size and 8.5" x .5" if you remove the www (for rear "sail" windows). Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery, special shipping (fedex) is available for an additional fee.





2 Solid Color Stickers - White, Silver, Red, or Black
Price: $3.50 USD (per pair)
worldwide postage included


All new! Get the previous one-off colors in a pack - 2 of each color!

2 of each color, 10 stickers total!
HOT Pack includes: Brown, Yellow, Red, Pink, Black
COOL Pack includes: Blue, Lime, White, Sky Blue, Clear

Price: $12.50 USD (per pack)
worldwide postage included

Specialty Packs

Custom sizes
For those of you who would like something specific to fit your criteria, let me know. Now that the shop has our design in their computer, we can literally make it any size you want. Get me details and i will let you know. If the sticker is for a racecar or other form of advertisement, let me know up-front and we can work something out.

Click here! for a simple how-to on installing your stickers!

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