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With the decision made I started to bring the plan together. Parts lists were written and rewritten, suppliers were contacted and a lot of thought was put into the best way to attach the build. It’s a slippery slope when you’re building a serious motor. If you’re building a turbo motor, might as well have a strong transmission which means a serious clutch. Any serious motor also deserves a standalone EMS, which means building a custom wiring harness, etc. The list cascades before your eyes – no holds barred project cars are not for the faint of heart.
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Make your A/C run cooler
Author: Ian (MrBill)
So, my 760 has an overheat fan in the front. I thought it would be triggered by the A/C when it got turned on, but NO, just that thermal switch in the radiator....full article...

740/940 Instrument Cluster Repair (1991+)
Author: Matt (500dollar744Ti)
Do you have a 1991+ 740 or 940 with instrument cluster problems?The problems may be intermittent or permanent...full article...

Volvo 740...the perfect 'sleeper' car
Author: Robert K. Rooney, For The Calgary Herald
Volvos gained an excellent reputation for safety and reliability. They rolled just fine - but they didn't really rock...full article...



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