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  • whoa, just saw your post now. Sorry to hear about the car accident! are you recovering okay? I'd love to see that Healey, I remember watching my neighbor's resoration process if a 3000 mkIII as a kid. God I love those Healeys. Good luck man, be well.
    I see you were peeking on my profile. You should see your car these days. It is now quite completely different! I'll make sure to let you know when I post pictures.
    I wrote you on the front page, but had some other questions for you. I am VERY interested in your car, and have cash. I live in Portland, OR. and have a vacation starting next week, and could make the drive to pick it up. Here are a few questions that I have....It said in your previous build pages that you are running an M46, what condition it is in? shift good?...you mentioned extra parts are included, is this still the case? Also would you take $3500.00 cash for it? and if you would, how would we handle the down payment so that you would hold it for a week until my vacation starts?

    Thanks So Much, Ryan
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