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  • Hey Ray! Im doing well, living up in vancouver wa working at an engineering firm learning what its like to be an adult with all sorts of new responsibilities. I hardly have the motivation to do any cool car stuff any more so i drive a boring 92 240 wagon pretty much stock just some suspension stuff. Im looking at your profile picture and i cant help but notice you dropped a 5.0 in your blue! Good stuff man! How are you liking it?
    Hey Jerd
    Back in country again..Thanks but I took care of the brace. DVS is making one for me. So don't sweat it. Send you a few pics when done.
    Thanks again
    Ahhh i figured you must have posted here. Just so you know im not notified when you post on your own profile. I had not heard from you in a while so i checked here. Email would work a lot better for me. Im not sure how im going to find the time to build a tower brace. We talked about the components i can do those any time you want. And torque rods? Like what adjustable poly or heim joints?
    back again..in and out all the time. Sorry about that. ok..two torqe braces..and one tower brace. Give me a price Bud. Check this maik monday
    i couldnt find our emails. Make me an offer?
    Honeymoon? Wrong guy im still unmarried :)

    Lets work something out.
    hey Jerd, Nice to hear form you bud. yes. Like to get that issues squared away. Tower brace and firewall braces. I know you have a paypay account. Lets get it done. While my ride is down. Need a new torque converter.
    Was out of twn again. Assigment.
    Thanks guy. I'll check this mail more Monday.
    I hope your on your honeymoon forever...
    Hey ray i had no idea you were waiting! I cant remmber what we agreed on ill search for the emails tonight and i can get back to you tomorrow. I syill have some of the stuff ill have to make sure i have everything though.
    Hi Ya
    Thanks for visiting. As u can see. My Vision for my 86 is a Volvo 240 GLT/SHO You say there is no such animal. Wrong !. lol. My brick has a 5.0 380 horse mustang engine and drive train w/ 365 positrack nine inch Diff. So lets rock..lol
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