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  • it just looked alot slimmer then normal ones so i thought they might be a aftermarket set
    I can, but only by phone if you give me your cell # b/c I have no computer
    Hey, I'm not sure about shipping but I would let the hitch, grill and light surrounds go for $100.00. Thanks
    Hey, I have that 240 hitch for sale & noticed your looking for a flathood grill & light surrounds also. I have those for sale too. We could do a package deal if your interested. Thanks
    I did not even know about this message until today. The rims are probably gone by now. If I see another set, I will remember to pm you and see if I can put them in another car to hide them if possible. The rims pop up every once in a while in the yards.


    PM me the complete list of what you need and we can set it aside for you. I just dropped the car off at Peter's house and we will start work real soon. He sold the S70 today for $3300! Not bad for 3 or 4 days work and a $700 investment total.
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