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  • i want you to know that seeing videos of your 242 on streetfire 15+ years ago was formative with regard to me getting into volvos. i'm not sure if it's made my life worse or better.
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    Wow thats very cool of you. Wow streetfire, that had to be around 2007. Crazy how things stick around forever on the internet. I still have a ton of Volvos including that 242. Glad my addiction was impactful in some way. You have 240's as well?
    around 2007 for sure, that's when i joined tbricks. i've almost always owned at least one volvo if not several since that point, and the vast majority have been 240s. down to one these days.
    Hello, I'll be at PRI tomorrow and friday if you want to meet up and have a brick discussion and stare at booth girls. Barry 407-353-6695
    Are you still up for tomorrow? I still dont have my car done yet.I still need a resistor pack,power stage,and a fuel presure regulator.Do you have any of these parts? I went to LKQ Clearwater and Tampa and found nothing!
    Hey Casey,Yes that was me last year when I had an afro. I change my style alot lol. I own a black 81' 242 GLT with a t3/t4 setup, AW71 with accumulator mod, 262c Bertone door panels, just recently ditched fail-jet (k-jet) and installed LH2.2 and EZK. I hope to post some pics soon. what are your plans like this comming weekend?
    Hey this is Steven Zagony I am in Dade City for the weekend,I've heard,read and seen your brick on youtube.I would like to ride up and meet you and check out your ride. do you have any time this weekend?
    I don't see alot of Bricks cruisin Bruce B. Downs, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled! Sweet whip... [nods head] sweet.
    Nah, not really. They were still a 16V V8, but they'd bumped them to a 4.7 (up from 4.5)...they made 239hp. I'd be interested in the pistons if you wanted to scrap the car though, as I was gonna punch mine out to 4.7. I'd part it out, you'd make 3x the cash that way. Either that, or dump the 4.7 and find a 5.4L 32V GTS engine. :)
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