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  • Nice! I want to do a resto project 1800 some day in the very distant future. Sounds like fun! I'm sure I'll see you at ipd! Forgive me but I don't recall what you look like. Haha. Bad memory.
    Yup yup. No more kjet. Well I'm still keeping the kjet ignition until I can make sure my car is running properly, then swap to ezk. How's the 144 been going? Are you planning on coming down for RSI and ipd or just ipd?
    I'll definitely try to come up and help you out! Next time I'm in the area, I'll be doing an LH2.2 swap on my car. But if that all goes well, I'll have some free time. We'll see man. It'd be good to catch up!
    Hey guys - another Volvo guy in Lewis county. I have a 67' 122 and 92 245 that I just purchased locally... Bryce - I think I saw your 242 or 244 white turbo at Centralia Safeway? Looking for some 240 parts - got any local parts resources?
    nice! thats awesome! i dont believe ive seen a 144 around. glad to see some other people around here. where about are you located?
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