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  • "Mongo no leave ...Mongo like Sherriff " One of my very Fav movies ...anyway I got into this discussion WAAAY late , I am now looking at a so called " Wideband " setup I read alot of this , but what is a " JAW " I hate that cliche " and abbreviations , any way I went to 14point 7 and it says url not found , I percieve it has been a long time and things have changed , Perhaps you would be so kind as to suggest a current decent priced setup wideband , gauge etc for my 91 740 turbo volvo , so far Im looking at the Innovative MX - L as per suggestion of Mike Brown lostart Mike... Im not too hip on some of this but it also seems a data logger is kind of a no brainer ...your reply is greatly appreciated BennyG Ben
    My Passat, turbo that it is, has no balls either... Pretty easy to work on once in "service position", Volvo had to go at $4 a gallon a few years ago. Here in TX it's now 2.95 a gallon. Send me your email address jaymac426@yahoo.com
    Yeah I'm still here, lol. Texas, thats cool. Hows the family? I still have the white 740t, now with fresh engine and big turbo. We have a VW in the family now, my fiancee has a Jetta. Plastic waterpump, plugwires under the intake, only 100 hp, pita lol. Hope all is well
    are you jay? i think i got it right. this is jason your ex neighbor from pa. let me know if i got it right
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