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  • hey dan! this is jeremiah o'connor in chicago (nick tripletts uncle). i guess mike (nick's dad) has been busy but i gave him your number and encouraged him to call you and maybe get a better diagnosis on mary's 89 244. my cel fone is 773.490.6448 and you can also e-mail me at eramia@hotmail.com.
    Hello there! I have been looking everywhere for a cowl intake cover for my 240. In my search, I came across your post on TB's message board asking for the same thing (along with several other items). I joined TB just now so that I could send you this message in hopes that you may have some info regarding this piece. You are the first person I have been able to contact to ask.
    Thanks for your time in responding to this message.

    Hey 89sleepr240,

    You up for the Journal exchange this weekend? Let me know. You can call me at 1313-805-6980.


    Hey, just noticed that you live in yellow springs..... we should get together, I live right off of Beaver Valley.

    Also, your completely welcome to the DubDash.... best damn car show there is. We have a road rally (The Dash), 9 bands, all you can eat and drink (12 kegs of PBR, hotdogs and Cousin Vinnies pizza) all on Saturday (The Bash), then the car show on Sunday. See my sig for details.

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