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  • lol. Just sprayed all of my trim black EXCEPT the front bumper.
    I'm going to do that today. But first I need to dig out the heat gun. Let's just say Sophie has her imperfections.. many of them.
    So, heat gun, mask, paint, then perfect.
    Now if only I can start and finish my headliner before T's. meet.
    Ew. lol. Thats okay I was driving a nissan altima before I switched things up.
    Then I bought an 855..but I er.. wrecked it a month and a half later.
    So... I just got my 854.
    Yes sir haha you've got that right!
    Spent the whole morning prepping Sophie.
    Just havin' a little fun with compound lol.
    Sorry! Not my 240, it's the bf's.
    He uh lost a wheel on our drive home from RI.
    I just put the pic up as a joke. I love body work and well he thought it would be funny to take a pic of me taping up the rusted area of the rear quarter panel.
    I'll change it back to my car in a sec.. don't laugh its fwd.
    I hope it holds together, at least until I get rid of it, lol. Doesn't help that all the 740s I see in the junk yards are turbos. Right now she's getting real expensive, new shocks and new front rotors and pads are a must have. There goes the money I wanted to use to get my cuda in a storage unit, argh.

    Just a shot in the dark but you wouldn't happen to know Travis Palmer would you. He's my cousin in Raymond and he knows a bunch of people from all over NH so I figured you might know him.
    Just saw that you're from NH, I was born and raised in Raymond until my parents moved us down to this jungle they call Florida when I was about 14. God I miss the fall and the winter so bad, lol.
    lol, she's at about 201k right now, and she's showing every mile of it. I really wish I could fix her up and modify things here and there but 1. She's just way too gone, and 2. My real love is in my Barracuda. I really just bought the 740 as an affordable RWD beater but gained a whole lotta love (and hate) for it since. Man if I had it my way she'd be looking and performing like the Volvette, maybe with some airbags and titanium blocks in the back :lol: (but that's just the weird part of me coming out).

    My current plan is to take the roof rack off and bondo over it (all the mounts rusted and only one mount actually keeps it on), buy a ton of exterior and interior pieces from the junk yard, then maybe buy a few things here and there to help her run better.

    Oh well, I know she's a turd (there a better looking 740s in the junk yard), but she gets me from A to B and that works for now, even if sometimes I wish someone would total it so I could get a better 740 :lol:
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