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  • Dude, we're having a Volvo meet & BBQ coming up. I want to invite you. Why havent you text me? Text me! 954-815-7719.
    Hey Mike. I'm Erik. I think we may have met. I had the '80 262c Bertone V8. Now I have a 244GLT. Lets go to Towershops sometime. Text me at 954-815-7719.
    Its a nice puke green color! love the lack of rust. My 940 has more rust then that. Also give me a call sometime. I need to talk at you.
    nice looking 122... just a heads up, the fenders on a 122 are a PITA if they have never come off since the factor, to get off.
    I just parted the 244. Unless I can get the 940 to Europe, it's not going to do me much good. :-(
    Dude !!!!!!!!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> we need another volvo meet on the causeway in Tampa soooooon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! greetings Ron .
    Whatsup I have a 93 volvo turbo and I want a bigger turbo or a chip to boost power. Do you have any ideas or siddestions? THANKS
    If you're lookin at this and I don't already know you, PLLLEASSSSEEEEE!!!! say wassup. Especially if you're in Florida........no seriously PM me cause i'm bored as ****. Otherwise I'll see and PM the shyte out of you til you answer.

    mike (as usual)
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