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  • Hey, I live on cape myself! Just starting to get into the world of Volvo. Do you know anyone around the yarmouth/ hyannis area that knows 960s well? I've got a '94 and need some stuff done to it. I've been going to jack ellis (on west main st. hyannis) and enginuity (on hokum rock rd, in dennis)
    you live in bourne too? you have probably seen me cruising around making all kinds of noise. I want to stop by and check out your 16V turbo in the photo.
    Yea, ebay turbo is holding up well. 15lbs of boost, no white smoke, no funny noises. I'm not driving it too hard these days... can't afford any more tickets, lol. For what it's worth, no problems thus far(knock on wood).
    Sell the bitch and get back into real Volvos son ;).You still workin at Davey tree?If so give me a ring and check out some of the new toys the cape cod guys are making.
    Haha, I have'nt been on either VSpeed or Tbricks in a while. I'm currently pulling the hair out of my head over this piece of **** V70, I need to rebuild the 740 and get her back on the road.
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