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  • Hi im having issues with my 83 242 its got a b21 in it and its the oringal motor but I have all the fuel injection from a 89 740 with b230 head intake and turbo she runs but won't rev past 3500 an pops there the intake and when I put it in gear wont rev or go very fast please help if you can
    Also, since you are a mod, can you better direct me to who or where I might be able to donate to the site, I have been meaning to since the summer time but have not gotten around to it.
    No problem, I'll let you know, no auctioning here, just wanted to get a feel for what I had, it really developed into a mess tough, so I think if I decide to sell then I will make sure to make a new/fresh thread and follow all the requirements. Thank you for letting me know you got rid of it. Around here once these cars go to the yards they get crushed very quickly, I was just trying to save at least one of them, I feel guilty I don't have the means to buy one.

    For now you can just leave the thread erased.

    Thanks, Joe
    i think ive figured it out. you are badvlvo's little spoon. THAT is why you are so angry all the time!
    Ha ha.. I left the chat for a day..and then I come back to see what happened.
    Gah. People. Gr. lol
    Sam isn't a wanker, despite what the Turbobricks Hater Bandwagon wanted you to think back in 2008.
    hey what happend to that awsome YESSS!!!! YES!!!!! thing? it was awsome since you did that. im sending a friendship request, you know now that your ultra cool shiz.
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