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  • Hey Andy, you still active here?
    Do you still have the 240?
    I'm also in Melbourne and own a 740 wagon.
    Assume your on iroll and oz Volvo?
    I read your post about dropping a 240 4 inches but I think that was joking around :D I was wondering do you actually know how low a 240 can be dropped? I was thinking of dropping mine 2.5 inches all round. Then again I have no clue.

    By the way still drivable dropping :)


    Well hello there dear, how are you? I get usually a friend request every other day nowadays.
    And...I'm not a dude, but thx.
    Hey mate, yeah it wasn't hard at all, just time consuming. I'll write up a guide in a couple of weeks. Alot of the metal framing will need to be replaced aswell as the centre unit with all the switches etc. Oh and also the steering column as the later design key barrels protrude out further.
    Hi Andrew

    I saw in one the bruces threads that you swapped your dash for a 86 dash.
    I am thinking about doing this in my car 1980 242GT.
    How difficult was the swap. Do you have any pictures?
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