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  • Tranny whine Lulz. PS. Feel free to share this.
    Pps... What's Lummert up to lately?
    You have seen my work, you tried to copy my work with trunk lights and failed, remember?
    Then you told me that I didn't know how 'lectricitee worked, remember?
    Instead of taking advice, you claimed you knew how it worked in a spectacularly dumb way, remember?
    Magical grounds and circuits connecting like some caveman explanation of the cause of the seasons.
    I tried to tell you how to wire it simply and elegantly, but you took apart your interior to run another wire from the fuse panel.
    Don't try to claim your way was better in ANY way, you F'd it up because of pride.

    The reason you get so worked up is because you are prideful man that can't accept help when it is offered. You see suggestions as insults, but forget that you are on a FORUM.
    just here to tell i really digged your arguments in the dan savage / religion thread.. few people can passionately defend their anti-religious viewpoints with intelligence AND wit. in my opinion, you pulled it off.

    okay so much for the sucking up. have a good one.
    i gotta quote all of your posts from now on towards him...so he'll see him since he blocked ya.

    just doin you a favor hahaah
    Volvoween party Saturday the 22nd at Andys house, think you could make it?
    I'll be all dressed up;) bahaha
    Just sent you payment for the Bilsteins. Let me know when you get it and send me tracking when you have it. Thanks!
    That is a possibilty, what exactly where you interested in? Do you have a cell#, I think text message would be easier
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