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  • Hey, I'm not going to be able to make it down there tomorrow and I wanted to let you know. I just have too much on my plate. Sorry to hold you up and if you have anyone else interested good luck with your sale.
    You might get this message twice. I don't see the response I just sent you so here it is again. I will take all 6. Do you need me to come to Hamden and if so what's the address? If you ever get out to the Hartford area, let me know. Also, are you around during the day before 3pm? Thanks
    what parts are you missing???
    I frequent the junkayrd by me and if I see what you need I'll be more than happy to grab it and ship it to
    yeah thats what my wagon is, daily beater. its getting +teed too, i have everything, just need a little time. :-P i think 2.5-3 would be borderline uncomfortable, unless you upgrade your other bits too. an adjustable panhard rod would be nice and some suburban billy's in the back and whatever you can afford in the front :-P but honestly, i screwed up the rear springs on my sedan (the REAL projekt) and it was like $10 for a new pair, so if you go too low...oops :-P go get new ones and repeat.
    ill probably wind up doing 2.5 on the front and just keep cutting till im happy with the back. the fronts are a moderate pain to do, but its not too terrible. but of course, the rears are stupid easy :-P
    hahaha, thats a photoshop...
    unfortunately :-P
    but chopping springs can get you that low. ill be cutting them in a week or two (gotta get out of school first) then itll be stock shocks n' struts and chopped springs :-P
    then eventually ill upgrade the shocks and struts.
    but i know a few people with cars that low on cut stock springs, thats probably about 3-3.5 coils off of stock, but for even better stance, start with some IPD or similar lowering springs then cut off a little at a time till you get the stance you want. its that easy :-P
    easy sleazy turbo breezy
    Haha, I've been on here for a long time. Just not on frequently lol.

    Nothing much, yourself?
    sup. sorry about all my ass-hattery last night. I must admit. I'm a silly girl, I like to instigate sometimes for fun. But it's all in good humor...at least for me.
    i'm going to try as hard as i can to make it down there. i normally work on weekends, but if i can get there before three i'm going to do it.
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