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  • Bad,
    Hey are you still living in Carmel? I passed by and thought of you in my 240: the reason was that I have a lot of upgrades on this 240 and some in the trunk I should try and get to someone before I sell this car to someone who doesn't appreciate them. I could use a good shop or person in Monterrey to get these Heavy Duty springs off the back wheels, and do you know of a good lot or person who would pay for my 240? Got an A cam, a bag of goodies like fuses, bolts etc. Bilstein's on the rear...let me know, need to make a change. Thanks- David 707-227-7843
    awww, man. I've been sick a couple of days, and came on TB today only to find....shock of all shocks...no access to OT! Have I been .....banannerataphied? Damn...I miss you guys already....:(
    No SE for me. Won't be in Louisiana at that time.

    If I had a plane ticket I would be there but I can't afford the ticket.
    Hey I got a m47 at home with the full hydraulic clutch assembly with all brackets. Are you interested? I'm in sweden till monday but I could swing it by and u could take a look ay it
    Thanks for the friend add! Hows it going? The BadVolvo is siiiiiiick! I like those wheels!
    Tax refund should be pretty decent, so I'll probably go buy new rubber bushings all around + hds.
    If I can get a radiator or fix the hole by then. Though I would rather figure out how the fan manage to bend itself and then work its way into the radiator. So I can work to prevent that. I'm guessing all the mounts and bushings and shocks being made of mush had something to do with it, probably making the fan smack into something... like the ridiculous amount of hose clamps holding on a non-stock top radiator hose. The hose which I was about to replace with a new and fitting one.
    Well my 142 has a radiator with a hole in it and my 740 has a frozen turbo + noise infront... I do have the parts I need to fix up the 740 though, just need to find the time to fix it. But I'm pretty motivated now to get the 740 running, so I can make the 142 into the project car...
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