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  • hey, ive got some new pics of the 142. Its DONE and on the road, djet is loving the hi comp combo and it runs great with 30 deg advance on a vac retard dizzy.
    Ah. Awesome. Do you still happen to have that d-jet cyl head? I will probably be picking that up from you, once my other projects start slowing down.
    Not shat, just took lunch and have a bit of time to browse the tbricks. I'm on the hunt for a european T4 (b4204T4), dual VVT big bore 4 cyl whiteblock, for swappage into a V40 with a blown motor. I really have fallen in love with older 40 series cars, they are incredibly easy to troubleshoot, and with all the sensors plugging directly into the firewall, they are easy to sensor probe.

    A 5spd 190hp should be awesome.
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