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  • I live around the brentwood area but work in franklin. Just moved up here about 8 months ago from georgia. Where abouts do you live?
    I can try to be, sounds like fun. If I'm not in a Volvo I'll at least be in something cool/old/european.
    I'm always down for a meet. I'm only 2.5 hours away from you anyway. Got a phone number or anything so I can give you a shout next time I'm in Nashville?
    E-codes should take 2 weeks, but it depends on your customs too.
    But for now they all where there within that time
    Yep. I was actually up there w/ my mom and sis for Sugar Ray at the Wildhorse tonight, just got back from that. But, y'know, short notice - and I had zero extra moneyz for gas to get anywhere but downtown. I'll be up there again soon enough.
    Hey man, saw your message. Yeah, we need the Nashville peops to get together sometime soon. Too bad we don't have an Ikea around to meet up at, LOL.
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