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  • Hi, was the BMW 6-speed conversion successful?
    Any problems with input shaft length?
    What adapter plate did you use?

    I'm building a B234f engine to put in the upright position for my Amazon and I seem to have the same oil pickup problem as you have encountered a long while ago. Is there any possibility you could tell me how you changed the pick-up of maybe show me some pics of it? It would give me a good idea how to fabricate a new one.
    kind regards
    hello sir, go on aim if you have the time and IM me, my sn is NickMHageman I need some tips and help on my project car....a very rotted 144.
    I just sent a Friendship thing so I can set up a group of friends that post sensible things on the forum. I find I spend ages wading though a load of noncence most nights.

    Hi Mark,
    I think the Riley would be realy cool too.
    I am slobbing in front of the telly tonight so have not been out to the shed and checked my e'mails out there.
    I have two e'mail addresses:
    r,smith764@btinternet.com (home e'mail)
    rob@b230design.co.uk (work e'mail, out in the shed.)
    I do not know if you have sent any emails out there and it is too late, dark, wet and orrible to go out there and check.
    Hi Mark,
    I did not manage to get around to posting the memory today. I will send it on monday.
    What you you think to my possible project?..see showroom section.

    Hi Mark,
    I just unpacked the clutch..it looks ok and I will soon need to use it I feel as my 940's clutch is just starting to drag a little. (That and a multitude of other things)
    I have been feeling like mega crap for about two weeks now and am just getting back to normal.
    I will be sectioning that 531 head off the Penta engine. The corrosion has eaten the exhaust ports too much to make it worth saving. Unfortunate realy as it internally perfect.
    I will post some pics when I have done that. I need to take out the valves first so that might get done tommorow night if I make up a sleeve to go over the valve springs with a hole in to get out the collets.
    I will need to put my rough parts engine together fairly soon as I do not know how much more neglect my 940 engine can take. I am sure it will never stop it will just drink more and more fuel and drip more and more fluids.
    Speek to you soon.
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