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  • Hi Sbabbs, thanks for the reply.

    Regarding the cam: It is definitely not 'racy'. It's considered a street or mild performance cam. Bear in mind it is an NA engine (for boosted application it would indeed almost be a full race cam). It was a stock Volvo cam on the B23E. The stock cam for this B230F cam has 11.4 lift, so using an A cam would be a downgrade.

    We did try to reset the ECU, but only for 10 minutes or so. Does is do anything different when it's unplugged for an hour? And after that, is there be some kind of special first start up that would help?

    Thanks again

    Hi, I've never ran an H cam but they are not mild. A cam is 10.5 on the lift FYI.. I'd put in A cam unless your racing at real high RPMs, then H cam. I use an A cam that is my experience so I recommend A cam. Turbo or not. You might want to reset your ECU might help. Unhook the battery for an hour. That might help. Any time you do any major replacements of motor stuff, reset your LH 2.4 ECU buy unplugging it for an hour or unhook battery for an hour.
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