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  • What kind of lead time is there on the coilovers? I would be ordering the coil over hardware, springs, camber plates, and race koni from you.

    I am getting married June 8 and like to have the car suspension done for it so I can do pictures with it.
    Clear inbox please!

    Err, here:
    Ben, work me up a price for the 240 short struts with stock tie rod arm cut off...and the 1.5" or 2" extra drop like you said when we were talking @ Pete's meet

    Add on for the quicksteer spacers

    W/ koni 2x adjustables

    If it will help I can provide some of your reg. coil over strut housings....and I could also cut the arms off myself but it might just be easier to have you do it all on shot.

    Ugh also I'll need your camber plates as well.

    **** this will be expensive
    Did you think anymore about doing the white block to t5 tranny adaptor plate? I have The 960 bell housing, please let me know as I am needing this asap
    Hi, I somewhat recently made a thread [you commented in] concerning coilovers and lowering my 240.


    I went to what I'm told is your site,
    and looked at what you offer.

    I'm confused by the pricing/packaging of your suspension components.

    If you could, I would very much appreciate your help with guiding me in the right direction, or even explaining to me your products and a solution to what you think I am looking for.

    Thank you for your time,

    Ben Levy
    Hey man what about those Titans? Sounds like a reasonable price. Just want to see some pics and we'll set a date.
    Hi Ben,
    I heard from Eric (badvlvo) that you can provide the peices needed to adapt fron struts to true coilovers. Also in his post he said that i was around 200 shipped with springs but when i went to your site i said 400. What am i missing here. I already have camber plates, strut tubes and billys. I only need the fronts
    Tried sending you a PM but your inbox is full.. Can you PM me a price on 10x3" wheel studs to 4224 gold coast australia or email Streetkarnage@hotmail.com
    Hello Ben,

    I sent you a message through your website but have not heard back from you. I was wondering if you still had your t5 adapters still available. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Happy holidays.

    Ps your private message box is full

    Hey man,

    Do you still have the BBS LM 8.5 front wheels? I picked up a set of 18X 10.5 and 8.5 LM's and I could use all four 8.5 wide.


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