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  • Charles,
    Good to hear from you. I'm 99.9% sure just the od was removed. I asked the master tech at the time what I should do and he told me where to remove it.
    We're actually just landing in Denver then back to Charleston. Spent a week in WY backpacking and hiking in Jackson. Never been to park day. Ill have to check it out. Hope all is well.
    Hey man, I have a 740t (1991) that I was told has an lsd in it as well.

    I bought the car for the turbo engine to swap into my 240(1990). I have sinced parked it while I get ready for the swap, but I drove it and it got loose around corners. nothing like my 240 at all. so I believe it's an lsd. I am going to subscribe to your post. Hopefully it doesn't end up being impossible to swap. Goodluck brotha!
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