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  • hai, thats me using hotspot wifi sometimes i use cyber cafe too log in , T.Q
    now im only using smartphone when i want to view our forum
    Greetings, buzz,

    Yes, it is a VPN service. Sad that I have to shell out some $$$ to have it but I have no choice as sometimes I cannot connect to sites back home directly. Got many different explanations as to why - none of which that convinces me completely. For some reason, ISP-s back home block IP addresses from certain regions either all the time or periodically, so in order to keep my ability to reach my accounts back home I have to go this route.
    From time-to-time I will try to logon to the forum using my real IP from Bangkok to see how it all goes.
    Other than that, I am quite excited to join the forum as I use to have two 740-s and an XC70 (1999) back home, which eventually resulted in me getting another rescue 740 that I can tinker with here in Asia.

    Take care and thanks for the heads up,
    My work computer uses pseudo internet service through SSC (Shared Services Canada), hence the strange IP and redirection. If this is a problem, I will only login at home.

    Hello buzz
    What does this mean?
    you can't get the right info on my internet provider?
    wy should you need that?

    greets, klaas
    Приветствую соотечественника) Заказывал отсюда что-нибудь?
    Thanks Buzz. I live in OR and home office. VPN is in Santa Clara, and I'm not always on the VPN, so you'll see me logging in form PDX and CA alternately.
    Quantum's server seemed to get overloaded at all times EXCEPT 4AM!!! As in it used to work, then it didn't anymore! Verizon says I can't get DSL out here. I just couldn't go back to dial up so I was forced to go with Dish Network...who bought out HughesNet...and apparently everyone else with dish internet! LOL!
    What up man..still have your Volvo, right?? I'm in the springs still, and also..still have my volvo. Running up to 14 pounds smoothly. But ever since my buddy touched my timing a couple of weeks ago, well it was running great for a couple days after..and then all the sudden starts running like complete #$&*
    buzz, thank you for your attention to details. What happened is I was at work when I started and registered to this great site; our network shows upstate NY as our access point, to the internet, but we are actually in NYC, I live in Brooklyn, and there is where I will log in the most.

    All the best!
    The 'CNRH' message means that your ISP is not listed in the TBricks database.

    I merely capture the info from elsewhere, post in the visitor message area and then copy into a database. Posted info is not your personal info. If you've gotten this far, chances are you're not a spammer account.

    You may delete as you see fit. :nod:
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