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  • Hi Cameron. I searched quite a bit on the web to find someone who could give me the best advice I could possibly get on putting a B204FT (from a '93 italian 960 wagon) into my beloved 240 Super Polar Wagon (from '91 with a B200F and also from Italy). What do I need to know before embarking on this engine change and which airconditioning unit would I have to put into the 240? Can I keep the original one or do I have to use the one from the 960? Any help most welcome!
    -Joachim from Germany
    cameron , i have some pics of my project i would like to send thru email. i can not post them on turbobricks , because i not that computer literate.let me know if you"re interested. if so,
    send me your email address

    244 brick
    Really enjoyed reading your A 16vT Story. Great Job! I'm new to this forums as I just purchased off ebay my first 240 - Black 88-5 Speed Sedan in what I think is amazing condition for it's age. Previous owner Jacob Pockros out of California - is a member on this forum gave me an insight to this vehicle life history through posts.. Reading your story has inspired me to use your knowledge with these cars in order to make the best of my new "old" ride. My first Volvo will become that much better because of your story. Thanks.
    Awesome S70 you've got for sale there. Just wondering if those gauge trim rims were completely custom? Don't see anything like that on the IPD site...nor anything for 7s. :p
    hey you seem like my man for a question then, on my 93 940 i have the 17"ipd pegasus wheels and next week am looking to lower my car on some ipd springs and hd struts, i want a significantly lowered car, most people were saying they take off up to 1.5 coils without the issue of there struts bottoming out. how do you feel and what do you recommend
    I heard this car might be looking for a new owner? I'm in the market and looking for a sweet project car like this. I already have a daily driver. I would love to come take a look at it in person.
    hey bud. Long time no talk...hows things? i see ya went to davis. car looks great. Im happy for ya. I just started my wagon build with my son. We also just opened our own shop and damn is this hard to do now days. I will be callin ya soon for the first batch of parts. Im sure there will be many,ha,ha....
    Got another one headed your way. Motor mounts and a rear bushing kit. I was going to order an upper brace, but alas...out of stock. :-(
    Any reason this isn't listed for/wouldn't fit my '90 765? Seeing how this chassis is the 960 before it became the 960 and all...
    I'm excited, my car will finally ride like it should. It has Kilen lowering springs on it now which are cut in the front, it's got worn Bilstein HDs in the back and Sens-A-Craps (WTF, whyyyyyy?!) in the front. It's just too low in the front to be practical. Ride is bone-jarringly horrible and it rubs if I corner even slightly too hard. Oh and don't get me started on the bumpsteer, it's horrible - and when pulling up to a light where heavy trucks have severely rutted the pavement, the steering wheel wants to damn nearly yank out of my hand.

    And that's not even touching on the fact that I have an obsessive tendency where everything has to be uniform around the car. Tires, brakes, shocks/struts...no mismatching, I can't stand it. :lol:
    So I finally got around to ordering the springs and lower brace I was talking about a couple months back.

    Submitted the order this morning and put in the comments to give the order to you as per your instructions. :)
    hey man im kinda new to the site, do you know of anywhere i could get the big plastic lights and grille for the flathood style? i currently have the round lights like the ones in your pic, i like the plastic lights better, i made a wanted add but theres been no replys. any info would be greatly appreciated

    thanks man

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