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  • Is this your homework Larry?!

    Do you want to see what happens when you take a stranger to the alps?!!
    Capt Blotto

    at this point, I think I should continue to look locally for body parts. If you find a mint/near mint silver metallic(color code 130)hood, and? a mint silver sedan trunk lid, that would be worth a trip down(92 240 sedan).

    The higher priority vehicle is 92 240 wagon in Dark Blue (color code 406), looking for a nice hood, and possibly (hopelessly) a mint rear hatch and latch. Thanks. If you find something exceptional, let me know, I know it's rare, thanks-
    Hey Capt Blotto, I am looking for various body parts and would be considering a road trip if it's worth it ?
    Hey man im swapping a 1995 850 t5r motor into my 1995 na 850 5 speed volvo and some wiring advice would be pretty helpful lol the motor is the car already it cranks over bit doesnt start
    LOL... the Mods need to worry about apachechef.'s antics.....not my sig......
    Another question - 1989 240 DL - Have minor leak of power steering oil right at the seal where the piston goes in and out on the passenger side. Have inspected and wiped clean observing a thin layer of fluid accumulating on the piston each time it is worked back and forth. The fluid level really does not change that much after weeks, but the PS oil continues to leave oily marks everywhere. Have tried topping it off with Lucas stop leak with no real improvement. Do I need to try to drain (suck out) all the existing fluid and replace with straight LUCAS stop leak. As the manual says that the fluid should never have to be drained and replaced, How would I do this. I'm looking for an easy fix short of replacing the entire rack. Thanks for any advise!
    Hi Everone - This is my 1st post since joining. I am having difficulty making the bulb warning light go out. I have replaced all the rear tail lights (10), center brake light (1), front lights turn signal lights (4). I added a H4 halogen head lamp 100W/90W kit for increased brightness that I got from IPD. All the lights appear to be working well, but the failure bulb stays lighted. The only case that it does not, is when the brakes are applies with out the lights turned off. I have thoroughly inspected and cleaned all connections at the light bulbs, as well as bent out all socket connections for assured tight contacts to the bulbs. One weird thing is that some service guy apparently removed that warning bulb in the instrument cluster, and of course after great difficulty, when I installed a new one, this is when I noticed this problem. Also cleaned all fuse terminals and replaced all appropriate fuses to make certain that was not an issue. Thanks for any help on this! Alex
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