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Captain Bondo
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  • Thanks. Certainly sounds like you have no reason to run higher boost pressures! I found that I can run 18psi without the system being overwhelmed with oil vapor, and with CC pressure sub .5 psi. If I vent under the car, I get oil smattering all over the tailgate ;-)

    It would seem that the can I'm using just isn't large enough to vent the system with the flow that occurs over 21psi & over 6500rpm, those seem be the tipping points. I've got a much larger vent can coming, so hopefully that's the end of it.
    Well, I've never run the boost pressures you do, and it won't be often I ever will (I just made 470whp at 15psij, so i don't lose much oil. I vent straight to atmosphere using a draft tube so the oil goes under the car. I need more breathing though so I will be upgrading the system this winter and will take pics.

    I don't understand why you're getting oil everywhere. I assume the vents have filters on them?

    I imagine you need two large filters to keep up.
    Crankcase Breather.

    Hi Kenny

    I would like to know what you did to successfully vent your cam cover without loosing all your oil!

    I've tried many variations on baffling the vent, and I still get large quantities of oil leaving the motor under high rpm/high boost.

    I'm going to try a larger baffled can, to see if it's just a matter of allowing more space for the vapor to separate from the oil, but I'd love to hear what you've done.

    I have found that I have zero CC pressure in my system as long as I vent the secondary breather to atmosphere, but too much oil leaves that way.


    i was thinkin bout a t5 or t6 swap in my wagon too. do u have any pics of ur car so i could c some fit issues i have. if so, great and thanks.....
    I was hoping to hand it off beginning of August, get it back early September. Do you have your own shop, perhaps I could stop by say hi and have a chat about it? I'm actually out of town till Aug 7ish, but let me know a time that might work.
    Hey. I was looking for someone to do a swap for me. B230ft T5 16v turbo into a 68 145. I posted a thread and you were recommended. I'm not sure if you're interested or not. Let me know and we can take it from there.
    Hay Kenny it's been awhile... Portland 2003 I believe was the year. My buddy Wade and me (Scott formally known as hahnst) Crashed out at BREADY's place after the track runs prior to hitting the IPD garage sale. We've been working on the volvo again. Hardblocked B230ft with TEC 2 (I was sold on it after seeing JohnLanes run down the strip) we are looking to make the 300 hp club for this driver and was hoping you could give some insite as to what you have got going on under the hood. Do you have a page up that we could refer to?Thanks till next time... Scott
    Alright that's cool, I'll give him the quote. Want me to forward him your cell number?

    And that's fine with the diff, I thought better of it. Highway's can be dangerous with it and I'm planning on putting a 8.8 in it when I get the chance, i'll just deal with it for now.
    Hey, I've got a friend who's looking to have a 4" catback exhaust done on his Skyline. He's just looking around for rough numbers, would you possibly be interested?
    Lights are packed and waiting at shipping office. Can ship tomorrow. Let me know.
    Hey, thanks for taking all that time to explain what a cam means to the rest of the car. I've just become interested in my car and how it works, you're posts help enlighten me - thanks.
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