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  • He's all original, my '66 Wagon. Tip to toe.

    My first car was a '66 122s sedan, now enjoy a '66 122s wagon. No garage, he lives under several tarps in winter, that's the best I'm able do of late. We live in a remote part of Alaska. He's always run in summer, no matter how brutal the previous winter. Until now.

    This is the first summer that he hasn't been running well. His generator and regulator need either major restoring or replacing with a conversion. My mechanic says I could spend big bucks on sending out both original parts for a complete restoration or do the conversion and install an alternator in it's place. Don't really want to go that route, so would appreciate more information on both options.

    What kind of general $ are we talking about if I were to restore the originals? I'll likely need recommendations to folks who do this kind of work, or at least a nod in the right direction.

    Thanks very much.
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