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  • thanks man, I still haven't seen it in the mag yet haha if you have a copy.. scan it in for me :p

    the wheels are Diamond racing wheels from the states... please tell me your going widened steelies on the 740?
    I'm all about leaving it in the past.

    No worries here, you are here, stay a while and enjoy. Once you figure this place out it can be a lot of fun.

    Respected here or not, I am sorry if I came off too harsh. We have had troll issues in the past with some people who just wouldn't go away. That was driving away some who we wanted to stick around, lets not have that continue.

    And I am serious, I will buy you a drink when I am in Brisbane (alcoholic or non)
    im sorry about pissing everyone one off...
    its just i like it when the people explain why something doesn't work....

    and the ELECTRICITY SUPERCHARGER VS BELT DRIVEN SUPERCHARGER is a thread about the concept then people decided its fun to tell people they have done it just to try and piss you off..

    but as fare as im concerned to you just decided to make fun of me and give no information towards the tread then just DONT bother
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