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  • I saw your post about the Volvo Microprocessor radio. I have the RX-3VQ also known as Mitsubishi RX-2Q. Do you know how to convert this radio from 104 to 108 Mhz frequencies? Thanks in advance!
    Question ...93 240, no power to fuse 4, if i apply battery power the car starts. I do not have a 93 wiring diagrams..mine ends in 83. Looking for a little direction.
    Hi there
    Do you make oil drain plug pressure sensors? I was referred to you by another Aussie bloke as I seem to have lost mine.
    Please let me know. Oh for a 740t btw.
    Hey Art, been reading your stuff for years(& learning, thanks!)...I am almost in process of buying a 92 240 sedan m47 dark silver from Thomas (DC) he claims purchased from a TB person(Jerry) for $2500, and now wantng to sell to me for $1200 (shocks/struts/springs bad) clunky going into gear, shift knob top gone, otherwise ok(rear driver fender dent)....any clue who "Jerry" is from out there, maybe around 2(?) yrs ago ? Otto (anthony) thanks in advance. Curious about actual milage, etc..no big deal,....
    Art - I assume that I have upset you somehow; I say that because I PM'ed you twice, and got no response. Honestly, I don't have any idea why you might not reply. Regardless of whether you choose to reply to me or not, I apologize if I have offended you in some way. Best Regards, Dave
    I like your site! My car came with no flametrap...So for a quick fix I cut some screen in a circular design. Ehh about 3 or 4 layers and shoved it down in the hole. Am I pissing in the wind?
    Hey man you were telling me a bout my dizzy. Well i made marks and unscrewed the screw now im trying to lift it out and its not budging. any tips here?

    I see you have a beautiful vintage microprocessor radio. any chance it's for sale or where i might find one?

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