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  • Cool, what size is the turbo? I might be interested in the turbo, down pipe and cam. Unless you want to sell it as a package but I already have too many engines laying around I am not using yet.
    RGR that, sounds like a plan. all my 8v stuff(cam, turbonetics turbo, fresh b230F+T) will be FS when I go 4.6l. I think this guy will go for it totally. i'll let you know.

    Not at my full time job, but at the volvo shop (544's, 1800's galore) right down the street i'm sure he'd be happy to do it. he has a pair of 262C's as well. I'll see what he would charge for letting me do it. I'll need to get some materials together too. cats? doubtful but you never know.
    I'm seriously considering buying your car. Can you email me so we can exchange information? My email is volvo1971 at earthlink dot net. Thanks!
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