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1990 745 Turbo, IPD cam, 3" sidepipe , upper brace, sways, eikers, Bilstein HD, TLAO, IPD Springs

Sit on my ass
Sit on my arse


1990 Silver/Black 745t, 1990 745 Turbo, IPD cam, 3" sidepipe , Upper Brace, sways, Eikers, Bilsteins HD, TLAO'd, IPD Springs , Rebuilt front end, Locked Rear.

1990 Gray/Black 745t mostly stock Bilsteins HD's?(update: no billies,I was told were on it, but as with several other upgrades was BULL*#^!&! , I mean untrue), Glass Sunroof, 141k TLAO'd & Hallman MBC

1971 145 stock Baby Blue (god I hate that colour)

My Fredbach:


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