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  • Would you possibly do 150 ?? shipped to 85711. It can fit in a medium flame rate box. At least I have received one that way before.
    Hey Robert, was reading through a microsquirt thread and your name popped up. Sounds like you ran the standard 60-2 wheel with the stock vr sensor? Did you hook up the shield wire to ecu sensor ground or did you run it straight to the block? Also did you find there was a need for a resistor between +vr & -vr?

    I am part way into the install and have a signal from the cps with just vr1 hooked up to the crank sensor and simply grounding the shield to the block. (yoshifab's guide, page 19 shows this. But all the microsquirt diagrams show it grounded to ecu ground, which is weird to me why they wouldn't wire the supplied harness like that in the first place; if thats what they want.
    Cheers, Rally on!
    just saying you seem to be the closest bricker to me...I live in Stayton. If your ever up this way let me know, we can talk bricks.
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