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  • Hey man I really appreciate your advice. I will be running +7 on 8 wide in the front. You said you had to roll the rear. Do you think +27 would in the rear on 8 wide will still require rolling the fender? (It will clear the suspension l, but sit very close) thanks again
    There's a dark theme? On the turbo theme and the regular theme its not visable. I didnt set it to white, its set to the background color. Damn you multiple themes!
    I don't have to hilight your signature to see that bright white text announcing itself much more than the regular text on the board.

    Pwnt by dark theme. :-P
    ah yes, this is true.

    LHD is such a PITA - can't see **** for overtaking, etc.

    I still think i'll end up doing it one day when I have a lot more disposable income
    you could just leave it lhd. 700's are hard to convert because the firewall would have to be taken from a rhd car.
    i actually looked into shipping costs... it was about $800, but that's before paying import duty, and SVA registration to make it road legal etc etc... it would end up being quite a lot i think - but i bet a RHD conversion wouldn't be too tough - just use a 740/760 dash i guess
    holy **** thats cheap.

    780 are cheap here if you can find one. Like around $2500 for one in decent shape.
    I really wouldn't know where to start, but I could speak to the DVLA for you and ask them a few questions about export. It would most likely involve a de-registering process etc.

    are you thinking of a 300 or something?

    Hey, what is required to ship a car out of your country? Like lets say I buy a car over there, what do I need to do? Any idea? I know in japan you have to fill out a bunch of paperwork for deregistration and all that jazz, but I also dont speak japanese so its hard to find out.
    oh for sure, it's cheap as chips..

    I'll let you know how it goes.. I have to say, it looks remarkably clean on the outside (aside from the tailgate corrosion). I really really hope I get it - I'm going to do a snipe in the final few seconds provided it doesn't go above my upper limit before then
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