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  • Certainly, please post it in the Vancity Volvo thread and have them PM me. I'll work on some prices today with the powdercoater.

    Hopefully posting this will yield more interest and ability to do a blue and red run or whatever anyone may be most interested in. Parts will need pre-cleaning and blasting; I'm not interested in cleaning parts, but I can media blast parts for those who cannot. That helps keep the cost down too.

    Non-Volvo guys are fine too, but whats the deal with the non-volvo?

    Again, the more that jump on, the cheaper it gets.
    Hey Jesse,

    I'm about to do a run of suspension parts through powdercoat, probably a low-gloss black and silver. If you want to get in on it (prehaps those braces...) or know of anyone locally who does, the price per part actually becomes reasonable.

    Other colours are $100 basic cost, so having a number of parts to run through spreads the hit.

    I'll also be doing a run of parts in ceramic-coat high gloss silver and matte black for March.

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