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  • I didn't want to revive the thread, but in response to your post a month ago on transportation of alcohol... it's illegal to transport alcohol if you're under 21 and alone (you can with a parent/guardian, not sure if other 21+ year olds count) and I bought my 745T when I was 19... ;-)
    late reply. But yeah that's our oid furgi. Converted from kero. It's hopeless as a tractor but it's good fun to push it's boundaries in a dodgy old tractor kind of way.
    Hey thanks for adding me I get so much good info off here good to know other aussies are running with these phenomenal cars....
    Hay mate,
    Ive just started tuning MS for my 242gt with a 88 740 turbo motor transplant. I have a H cam and I'm wondering how it goes over the one you swapped it for? was it a A? How does the car rev now? and how hi do you go? Sorry for all the q's but the can is next for me and I've got a H and was wondering how it goes.
    Thanks Vincent
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