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  • Hey man!
    When is there going to be another Dub Dash!
    It sounds awesome and my car is in good standing.
    I'm sad that I missed the last one. :(
    Hey man, would you hit me up what you know about the Texas thing? I'm insanely interested. If you talk to your friend, see what the living arrangements are, the pay, etc. Thanks!
    sounds like a wonderful plan, i will be able to make it cause ya know my car idles proper good now. (if a little bit of a high idle)
    EXCELLENT news on the virgos.
    excellent point you make sir. Indeed I have spent the majority of my limited time here in my old hood preaching to the kids about changing thier lives, and how much this experience has had an effect on me. I also had a chance to speak with my ex last night. Wasn't very heartening, but I needed closure and to move on indeed. I'm free now, even though it hurts to do so. damnit.. Oh well. It sucks to speak undying love and have absolutely nothing returned. I suppose that is what happens alot here on planet earth. Perhaps next time I will finally get who I am looking for.
    well - Yeah. You have a point. texas state pen didn't have anything. No air, no sports, pool table, anything. Nothing to pass the time. had all the time in the world to think...
    Nothing personal. Just appreciate the history there seeing as I've spent a lot of time in Northern MN. We did stop at the Shipwreck Museum in MI one year.
    Sam Johnson
    3601 Laurel Oak Lane
    Knoxville, TN 37931
    I want 4xl
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