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  • :-) Mayday had to lock the WTF thread. I can't deal with that stuff on my end because with dial-up I have to wait for everything to load.

    I'm here to root out the spammers anyway.
    Nah. I decided its much easier to delete the threads and give you a day off for the heck of it. :-)
    Hey man... I'm pretty sure it sparks when the 5v is removed... I actually made up a test jig to test fire the coil... it's been a while.
    Hey man, I used a 10uF cap and it has to go between the 12v and the ground (not the coil trigger) wires. Put one in for each coil.

    Hey man, I tried pretty much everything, but using a cranking dwell of 5ms, running dwell of 2.9ms and minimum discharge of 0.2ms seems to work well with the Toyota COP's. You may want to have the coils scoped to find the ideal running dwell. Make sure whatever you do you're using one capacitor per coil to filter out noise. They are extremely susceptible to noise and will cause killer resets.


    I gave you a suggestion:
    That's the mill that I have and it's great, although it depends on what your goals for it are. If you need something physically bigger then maybe look into a used older one, but it'll still be more money than that one. That guy Hoss has figured out how to double the X and Y travel, making his work area way way bigger! I'm totally doing that too, along with my CNC upgrade.

    If you want to make some awesome intricate parts then I'd highly suggest a CNC conversion. Imagine trying to mill a circle by hand, it's a lot like using an etch-a-sketch, you only have left/right and in/out (and of course up/down for height). Stuff like intake/exhaust flanges would be cake on a cnc mill, and with the table upgrades then that one will be big enough. That little mill plus $1,500 in tools and cnc conversion parts will get you an incredibly awesome package. But be careful cause machining can get expensive real quick, you can get cheap tools but they're cheap in both senses of the word. If you want to buy tooling that doesn't wear out quickly then they add up quickly!

    But I tell ya, it's way too much fun having all these tools.
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