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  • Looking at the car i would buy it. Dont pay attention the the KBB value, the guy thinks the car is mint. But go for it, and if you can get your buddies car for parts thats even better. The car looks like it has factory fog's, which is cool and i like the overall color and look of it...egg-crate grill quad headlights. It looks good, i mean i think you intend to put some work it so it dosent have to be a great runner right away. Check it out, go over it like you know what your doing, bring cash and offer the guy $700 and tell him you wil take it that day, if he wont take $700, then offer $800 as your final. Cash and the ability to remove the car that day is always a plus. Keep me updated!
    Well my other one dosent have 220K yet, but its close. And ive only owned the car for about a year but like i said, i took it down to New Orleans and back (3200 Miles) and had no problems. It does have rust. Ive got a hole in the floor and leaking windshield and the rear end is rusting into the ground. I live in New York so the salt kills it. But if you were going to buy one for $1000 id think you could talk to guy down a couple hundred, but i think its a good deal. Just look it over and as long as it dosent leak a lot of oil or blow smoke you will be good. I mean the way i look at it, the older the Volvo the better, because its less electronic **** to brake. Anyway, keep me updated man. Any photos of it?
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