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  • I have a black 1998 s70 you have any bumper covers and a passenger front door all in black I just need the shell of the door not the inside or glass. thanks.
    Oh, leah. Wait a second. I have a few good ones. You can't take all the credit.

    What about the Pittsburgh Special Olympics team of 76'? I hear Bretts mom was on it
    my 245 was more like my best friend/lover. fyi philadelphia is in the center of the universe. also being married doesn't stop this broad lol
    who am i? i'm leah. i'm east coast, originally from south carolina. i finally joined in february. i've had two 1990 245s. i lost my first one to a drunk driver in june, and am still very depressed about it :( but i just found this new one! (still need to make a thread about it) i heard you were in prison from kyote and gds. i am a big fan of theirs. hmm what else? all of captain slow's good jokes were stolen from me. and i'm trying to get into mikep's pants. i think that's it.
    Well, glad you go out OK, pretty sure that a laid back guy like yourself wouldn't have any issues. It sucks, but LOTS of people get locked up that don't deserve. I'm sure you met your fair share of thugs and "ballas" who just made you sick with their ideals and veiws (and... iq's).

    Just keep it real, don't get involved in too much these first few weeks, just relearn your routine and try to really change when you have a good chance to develop new habits.
    Jail sucks, prison, well, its actually not that bad. I mean, I had a library and a gym, even had 3 ****ty pool tables and a football feild... and an awesome chapel, a great chow hall, and the beds weren't half bad. Made time fly, really.


    Glad your back, and if you stick with this whole god thing more than 3 months, I'll be surprised. Not being a dick, I've just been there... use it to get through your experience (oh does it help), but generally, its dropped a few weeks afterwards.
    lol, I'll be up, so just whenever. But not too late you asshole
    oh yeah, this is sam. I changed my name on here.
    Oh, one more thing. School started again, so you should wait till after 3:30 my time to call me. Middle of the night is fine though.
    Leave it to you to loose it :lol:

    Wow glad to see your back on the board. Good to know you made it out alright. Send me a message on AIM
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