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  • We've all been there. I've converted from K-jet to LH before, have a good green book collection and love wiring up Volvo's send me a PM if I can be of anymore help.

    I'm in the process of converting a '90 740 Turbo to LH 2.2/ breakerless (from LH2.4/EZK116) for the sake of simplicity, ease of future maintenance and using parts I allready have.
    It took a turn for the worse. While taking a break from troubleshooting the no-start, I went to reattach the clutch cable and found my clutch fork has no resistance. A friend and I will be pulling the transmission tomorrow to see what the problem is. We're also going to recheck the timing and troubleshoot the no-start, if needed. I really hope to get it back running this weekend.
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