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  • hey man whats up? I have a silver 89 245. what did u use to lower your 245? It looks sick. thanks! I think il do the tint too.
    hey can you help me contact willie wonka (mike Smith) hes my best friend from school and he emailed me but didnt leave a contact number. my name is randy hill 210-444-9522 email is hopper2811000 thank you!
    Hello Decklan,
    My name is Norman and was given your name by Nick. He thought that you might be able to help me. I am trying to find non turbo B21 engine to get my 81 242 back on the road. I just got it painted and the engine started knocking. Do have one or know where I could get a good one? I live in Garland but I have a truck and I pick up anywhere in the area. Anyway thanks and I hope to meet you at one of the upcoming events sometime.

    Norman G 214-418-0491
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