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  • yeah, man, sorrry i havent checked the norcal jy thread in a while...
    yeah, sharzad (or 'of the city' in farsi) :lol: has some bomb-ass persian food.
    In the bay area, I reccomend the following:
    In SF:
    -Maykadeh (on 470 Green Street in SF)
    I havent been there since the like 2001, but i remember that for the longest time they always had a pair of black 850r sedans parked in front by the valet (dunno why)

    -Alborz (also in sf, i think on market?)--they also have one in berkeley on center st. (i think) and one in fremont.

    -one of my favorites is Shalizar, on the El camino Real, in Belmont...or San Carlos (somewhere along that short stretch near millbrae bart)
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