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  • Hey man, tried to respond to your PM but it told me you're setup to not receive PMs. Anyway, yeah, did the cam gear at 2 degrees, wish I'd done 4 degrees and will likely redo it at 4 degrees in the near future.
    Thanks for the Bultaco Message! Loved the big bultaco thumbs up in the header line ;)
    haha, i go to porters every monday with my friend courtney. We're regulars. Its my favorite bar.
    hey nicetomeetcha too. clean two door. mines kinda a slap together. an old man had it who came to my shop, he got too old to drive and i bought it off him for 500 bones in poor condition. i love it though. i'm an artist too. i live in the nicer part of down town easton next to an art gallery. what kinda art work does she do?
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