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  • Hey how's it going? How's that $100 242t treating you? I hope ya'll at Vintage got it in good order. Whoever is reading these posts..if your ever in the Charleston area go to Vintage Volvo in Mt Pleasant the owner Brad is a great guy.

    how goes it my friend?! charleston treating you well i hope. hey,do yo remember if when you swapped the od from this m41 if you removed the od at the adapter or just removed the od w the adapter attatched? if the adapter was removed at anytime i need to go into the actual tranny and make sure all the syncros are still in place and such as they tend to fall outta place if the adapter bolts are removed. no big deal. just wondering if i need to tear the whole thing apart or just rebuild the bearings and seals and replace the solenoid in the od. thanks man! the thing on daniel island i was trying to think of was called "park day". ever been? my wife and i loved it!!!

    I have an 84 kjet turbo motor with a 15g on it but it for sale. Its still in the car but it needs to come out to make room for my T5.
    Nice i switched to a more local ford dealership for now, didn't work out so well with the volvo shop i was at. Very cheap people and hard to negotiate. I'm thinking of working for my uncle again doing architectural copper work, mabey just do auto stuff on the side. Hopin to get my 122 project back in action... also putin together a b21 turbo motor for a future project.
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