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  • Question,...i am () this close to ordering KSport coilovers for the BTCC. Rumor had it,you have a set on your 850. I was just looking to maybe get your opinion on them and how long you have had them on your car.............BTW....i am trying to organize a meet at Santo this spring,with amy. If you dont mind,spread the word and have people contact me. So i can get a number idea. ....also,SR.Santo mentioned about ....hehe...shhhhh....possibly renting pocono for a day. WooHoo!
    Yeah,..the BTCC still needs attention to the geometry. It has (cut) sport springs...never a good thing!....i'd love a nice coilover set-up,but the worthwhile ones are too costly now for me...as i'm lookin for a 145 to buy..............let me know when y'all meet and we will show up,...bring your bro aswell....cya
    Hey,..it's Shann,..the interstate battery guy. If you did'nt know,it's me with the air horn. Anyway,just thought i'd MSG you and see if anyone around gets together in NEPA at all. BTW,..how is your brother Mark doin?...i graduated with him.
    I could will meet you guys anytime...Allthough I rive the toyota in my sig now..You guys go to numidia dragway?
    I with i had the room. I already have to park one of the 245s outside. If i knew about 3 months ago you were selling i would not have bought my 92 245 and bought yours.
    Live about a hour south of you. Pine Grove, PA exit 100 on I-81

    Did you sell your 245 yet? I was seriously considering buying it but 5 Volvos is all i can handle right now.
    zoso's a ****. he was getting all pissy with me too; and we both didn't have anything to do with his listing.

    for future reference, can you tell me how you deleted the posts that you didn't want in your thread? Thanks
    I dont think i took it the wrong way, I just dont like when people on these forums think out loud and state things that they dont know, when they could just ask, and keep there thoughts to themselves. Again i am sorry that things got off to a bad start, and i will post again soon and hope that this wont happen again
    I will stop now, but I feel that my sale thread was sabotaged by people thinking outloud and i feel that those posts by volvo740t were useless and harmful to my thread.
    If you see an item you're interested in, or even one you're NOT interested in, and you think the price is a little high, DON'T post something like "$225 is a little high for those, isn't it?" That falls into the rule quoted above. If you have a problem with a price and you'd like to make an offer, PM the guy or email him or whatever. If you have a problem with the price and that's all you want to say, say it out loud and don't post it. It kinda torpedoes the guy's sale, ya know? read the rules!!!!!!!!!!
    Why do you have to say anything on my post when you are not asking me q's about my sale.......... dont be a ****er
    nice how your 245 is coming along!
    i wish i had some commitment :lol:
    i keep on getting sidetracked with the 505, and the S60.
    Brett, I just purchased a 92 240. I was wondering if you knew about wheels for them.. are all volvo's the same bolt pattern? Will most/all wheels fit it, or are there restrictions? Just have some steel wheels on there now.
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